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About Lincrusta

Lincrusta catches the eye and captures the imagination whatever the setting. From classic country residences to modern urban living spaces, this incomparable range of wallcoverings, dado panels, friezes and borders allows for the creation of bespoke interiors. With its rich and illustrious heritage Lincrusta is a great British success story; a distinctive textural wallcovering more relevant than it ever was as we all desire to create our own unique space.


This sculptural wallcovering was the ingenious creation of Frederick Walton who had pioneered the development of linoleum floor coverings during the 1860’s. Lincrusta was an instant success, replacing painstaking artisan plasterwork and appealing to Victorian England’s tastes because of its beauty, practicality, durability and sanitary properties. Lincrusta designs quickly found their way into notable buildings throughout the world. Absolutely unique and exceptionally beautiful, these wallcoverings remain unsurpassed for their deeper emboss, exquisite detail and enduring strength.


The patterns within the collection take inspiration from a variety of sources: from the classical architecture of ancient Greece and Rome to cutting edge contemporary influences, including the beauty of nature and key periods in history from the Renaissance to the Edwardian era.


A natural product, made from Linseed oil, Lincrusta is still manufactured by craftsmen in the UK, using the original recipe and process and to the same exacting standards.

Lincrusta Cleopatra Wallcovering on staircase

Supplied in its natural nude colour, Lincrusta provides a textural blank canvas onto which you can project your own style, to create a truly unique look.

The unrivalled depth of these embossed wallcoverings allows them to be decorated using a variety of different paint effects and colour combinations. You could choose a flat, neutral scheme or opt for a contrasting metallic colour to add a luminous edge.

The options really are limitless. Whatever you choose to do, you’re sure to create an original!

Originally manufactured in Sunbury-on-Thames, production soon moved to Lancashire in 1918. From the very beginning, our wallcoverings have never needed improving. Even today, we still use many of the original rollers to emboss our distinctive designs and make our products using many of the same natural materials as we always have. Now manufactured in a purpose built factory in Morecambe, we apply the same exacting standards of craftsmanship and attention to detail as we always have.

Lincrusta History

Our Sustainable Journey

Sustainability is not just about how it is made (and there is no doubting Lincrusta has some good credentials) but how it is used.

When decorating today we are conscious of the 3 Rs. Lincrusta is Re-usable it can be Re-imagined, and Restored. This is a product to cherish, that becomes part of the fabric of the building. The beauty is that whenever you want to transform your room, you can change the colour or indeed create a whole different ambiance by adding different paint effects, that reflect the light in a unique way.

We are on a pathway to be  Carbon Neutral by 2030 and recognise there is a way still to go.  We endeavour to continually improve and monitor environmental performance and impacts.. We are proud to be FSC acredited.  All of our packaging is made from 30% recycled materials and can be recycled. 

We are blessed with a passionate team. Without our people we would be nothing, which drives us to continue to build a sustainable business for future employment.


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