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Installation and Technical Information


Correct installation and decoration of Lincrusta is essential to achieve that perfect finish. All products are supplied with full Installation and Decoration instructions.

Download a copy here.  

For that truly professional finish, we recommend contacting one of our Approved Installers.

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As you have discovered Lincrusta offers a world of options for creating bespoke walls. Due to its deep emboss one, a single colour alone reflects the light beautifully. The addition of paint effects offers countless ways to add even more impact to our designs. We have approved installer/decorators who can help you with your vision Or for some initial ideas, check out our ‘Decorative Effects Video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lincrusta is available from all good Decorators’ Merchants, Trade Centres and Independent Retailers. To find your local supplier, go to our “Our Partners” section and enter your postcode. Alternatively, purchase Lincrusta via our online partner.

Lincrusta is a specialist wallcovering product. There are some specific techniques required, so whilst it is possible to install it yourself we recommend using a specialist installer to ensure a first class finish. To find an installer in your area, go to our “Find an Installer” and enter your postcode

Thorough preparation of the surface is essential when hanging Lincrusta. Remove old wallpaper, wash down, fill all imperfections and allow to dry. Rub down before applying a coat of size. We recommend cross-lining all non-porous surfaces (eg. solvent-painted walls) to give perfect adhesion. Apply lining paper using a ready-mixed adhesive containing a fungicide. Allow to dry thoroughly before applying Lincrusta.

When applying Lincrusta to newly plastered walls, it is not necessary to cross-line the wall.Allow the plaster to dry thoroughly, then scrape, rub down and fill any imperfections. Apply 2 coats of size and allow to dry before applying Lincrusta to the surface following manufacturer’s instructions.

Lincrusta wallcoverings, friezes and dado panels are supplied with a selvedge to protect the product during shipping. To remove the selvedge use a sharp knife and metal straight edge.Lincrusta borders RD1639, RD1640 and RD1953 are supplied ready trimmed.

We recommend only using our own specially formulated Lincrusta adhesive when applying Lincrusta.This is available in both 1 litre and 5 litre sizes.

1 litre of Lincrusta Adhesive is sufficient to cover 1 roll of Lincrusta (5.3 square metres)

Yes Lincrusta can be painted. After installing Lincrusta, allow it to dry for 24 hours before de-greasing the surface using White Spirit or similar. Both water-based and oil-based paints can be used. If using water-based paints, apply a coat of acrylic primer first. If using oil-based paints, apply a coat of oil-based primer before decoration.

Yes, once you have painted Lincrusta, it can be repainted whenever you want to change the colour scheme in your home.

Lincrusta can be treated with an infinite number of paint effects including rag rolling, glazing and wiping to scumbling, gilding and marbling. We recommend using a skilled decorator to achieve your desired effect.

Yes, Lincrusta can be applied to a ceiling as long as the ceiling is strong enough to bear the weight of the product. We recommend a minimum of 2 competent people hanging lengths of no more than 2 metres.

Lincrusta is made from materials, that once mixed, start a natural curing process, If stored correctly at an ambient temperature, Lincrusta has a shelf life of 18 months to 2 years from the production date. This date can be found stamped on the hanging instructions enclosed within the product, on the end of the roll itself, and at the top of the Lincrusta carton. Please make sure that you bear this in mind when planning your project and only purchase Lincrusta when it is required.

We run one-day training courses in the UK for decorators to learn how to install and paint Lincrusta.

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“Training Courses”, give us your details and we’ll get in touch. 


Yes, click here to download a PDF copy