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Lincrusta Restoration Project - The Great Northern Railway Tavern, London Wallcoverings #11


Naturally, with a heritage dating back to 1877 and with key benefits such as toughness and durability, there are countless examples of properties containing Lincrusta dating back through the twentieth century, and even into the late nineteenth century.


We are often asked if it is possible to purchase an old design to replace a damaged section of a wall, thus avoiding destroying the original Lincrusta feature. Costs and timings often prohibit engraving a new steel roller to recreate the original design in Lincrusta, so we’ve developed a Lincrusta Restoration Kit, ideal for restoring damaged designs in repeats up to 1 square metre and for wall and ceiling areas of any size, no matter how large or small.


Made from a plaster-of-paris compound, this allows the damaged design to be replicated and decorated to match existing, whilst being flexible enough to be used on curved as well as flat walls and ceilings – a great way to preserve a great product for future generations! Contact us for more Infomation.

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