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Category: Decorating Styles & Trends
Lincrusta London Design Show 2022 #2

Dearest Gentlest Reader,

How thrilled we were to see our Adam Border feature in Daphne’s blue bedroom in Season 1 of Bridgerton! This whimsically fantastical portrayal of the day-to-day happenings of the Ton, was a wonderful escape from our day to day, with ornamentation and exuberance, the style du jour.

For your delectation, we have created 5 palettes inspired by the Regency period settings of this much-loved show.

We collaborated with Edward Bulmer Natural Paints whose award-winning eco-hues were a perfect reflection of these dreamy scenes.

Patterns and Paint Colours (back to front): Byzantine in Trumpington, Francesca Frieze in Trumpington, Rocco in Persian with White Lead, Crichton in Trumpington, Art Nouveau Dado in Trumpington with White Lead, Gothic Dado in Trumpintgton with White Lead.

Patterns and Paint Colours (L-R): Cleopatra, Acanthus in Warm Stone with metalic highlight, Tapestry, Villa Louis in White Lead, Empire Frieze metallic

Patterns & Paint Colours (L-R): Diane Frieze in Lavender, Passeri in Lavender with Jonquil highlights, Amelia in Rose with gold metalic highlights, Adelphi Frieze, Fanfare in White Lead with metalic highlights.

Patterns and Paint Colours (L-R): Sophia, Linenfold, Byzantine in Pale Wedgewood and White Lead.

Patterns & Paint Colours (L-R): Kelmscott, Italian Renaissance in Pea Green, Aphrodite in Pea Green and Light Olive Green.

Alison Keane 08.01.24