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Category: Lincrusta Stories
Mural landscape painted onto Lincrusta Wallcoverings Georgian Panel Wallcovering

We were amazed to discover that Frederick Walton was not only a neighbour of Picasso, during the 10 years he lived in the South of France, but that their paths might have crossed.

Frederick himself showed artistic tendencies.  A meeting with his family by Helena Brazil, uncovered our founder’s love of painting and especially landscapes, no doubt inspired by his time here.

As a celebration of this discovery, with permission from the Walton estate, we invited multi-media artist Jan Erika Design to recreate a large-scale mural of one of Fredrick’s landscapes onto a canvas of our ‘Georgian Panel’ wallcovering.

Image of Frederick Walton Painting courtesy of the Leete family

Using spontaneous larger than life brushstrokes, in the natural hues of Sanderson Paints, the piece became a stand-out feature at London Design Week 2022, greeting all guests that entered the TALK theatre at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour.

Mural Landscape of Fredrick Walton's painting on Lincrusta Georgian Panel by Jan Erika Design for London Design Week 2022

We are sure you will agree the end result is fabulous! Once again showing that with Lincrusta ‘The only limits are your imagination!

We thought you would love to see the process of how it came together, so sharing some BTS images below.

Thanks to Mike Wilson at Highly Decorated for the bespoke installation of Georgian Panel.