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Lincrusta x Morris & Co.

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We are excited to announce the launch of our collaboration collection with Morris & Co. the company established by William Morris, a revolutionary force in Victorian Britain, and our best loved pattern maker. Together we’ve transformed three of his iconic patterns into natural, textural wallcoverings. Made from linseed oil using time honoured craft skills in our factory, new life is breathed into these designs while retaining their integrity.

There are many synergies between our brands:  A love of craft and making, a preoccupation in the honesty of materials and sustainable values. On a  historical note Fredrick Walton invented Linoleum in 1860, the year before William Morris founded the firm that became Morris & Co. in 1861. There is no evidence that their paths crossed but there is one Morris & Co. pattern in Linoleum as seen in Emery Walker House. It is even thought that Morris himself experimented with embossed wallpaper techniques in his 1886 Chrysanthemum Toile design; a nod to the Japanese Faux leather embossed wallpapers, fashionable at the time. In many residential and commercial projects today, a Morris & Co. wallpaper can be found above a Lincrusta Dado Panel or below a Dado ceiling, so it seemed only natural that one day these two worlds would collide.

So, the collection harnesses all of these things! It features two celebrated Morris & Co. patterns, ‘Acanthus’, and ‘Fruit’ alongside the introduction of a new Dado panel that combines evergreen ‘Willow Boughs’ with ‘Diaper. To create each pattern a new had engraved steel roller was created.



An abundance of ripened pomegranates hang temptingly from the branches of an overflowing tree. Amongst flora are fine-printed branches in the background to give the design an irresistible depth. One of the earliest Morris & Co. wallpaper designs, Fruit was first produced in 1864.


Acanthus is one of Morris & Co.’s most iconic patterns. Authored in 1875, Acanthus is filled with Morris’s instinct for the drama of nature and great energy for patternmaking. With complex layering and vigorous curves, the scrolling acanthus foliage produces a three-dimensional effect within interior spaces.

Willow Boughs Dado

A brand-new design co-created with Lincrusta, the Willow Boughs Dado combines the classic Willow Boughs (1887) and Diaper (1870) for this exquisite panel that sits below traditional chair rails.

It was a pleasure to work with Jessica Clayworth, Lead Designer of the Morris & Co. studio on this collection. She commented: “It has been an exciting collaboration with Lincrusta. Their deep understanding of our design ethos, coupled with a genuine sensitivity towards the authenticity of the original documents, made it an obvious and seamless partnership. Given William Morris’s pioneering work with Japanese leather papers, the decision to join forces was a natural one. Witnessing our designs spring to life in a manner that both breathes new life into them and remains steadfast to their heritage has been nothing short of remarkable.”

We would also like to thank Adrian Jones, one of our advanced installers, for decorating prowess on shoot and to Liberty Blackwell, stylist at Morris & Co., for bringing our Maximalist vision for these patterns to life.

This range upholds the same high-performing qualities of Lincrusta and is therefore equally at home in both residential and hospitality settings. As with all Lincrusta wallcoverings the options for creating bespoke walls are limitless. They can be painted in the chalky Morris & Co. paint colours for a timeless elegant look or reimagined in unexpected colour combinations and finishes for a fresh take on these iconic patterns.

We can’t wait to see what you do with them!