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New Time Saving Bonding Primer

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We are very excited to introduce our new specially formulated Bonding Primer which simplifies and speeds up the installation of Lincrusta!
We listened to feedback and our own Mr. Lincrusta, Andy Sarson, Technical and Production Manager, has developed this specially.

This super product eliminates the need to use Lincrusta Degreaser followed by primer meaning one purchase instead of two and will at least 15% on install time.
Lincrusta Bonding Primer comes in 2 sizes 1l and 2.5l; 1 litre Bonding primer covers approx. 2 rolls and the 2.5 litre Bonding primer covers approx. 5 rolls
For prices, please refer to the product page on our website and if you have any more questions please contact us at
Please find in the link below our updated Installation Instructions, with reference to Bonding Primer. For those who prefer to work with our degreaser, this is still currently available.

Hanging Instructions