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Arlington Place New york

Arlington Place, set in Brooklyn NY, opened in Autumn 2015 having been lovingly restored over the previous two years. Originally designed and built in 1887 by the versatile Victorian architect George Pool Chappell, much of the original period detail (including Lincrusta) had fallen into disrepair. Current owner ELizabeth Mandarano told us, “the house’s original Lincrusta (which was much more Victorian in style) could not be salvaged during the restoration as it had been painted over incorrectly many, many times. I wanted to retain the historical elements, but fuse it with a modern aesthetic – hence the Byzantine pattern”.

The house has long been famous- it was the setting for the family home in Spike Lee’s movie “Crooklyn”. After purchasing this rare gem, Elizabeth realised that they needed to respect its original details and restore it to its natural beauty. Honouring the past and present, they fused its spectacular bones with a soft modern, eco-friendly touch that they call “liberated Victorian” – well worth a visit if you’re in the Brooklyn area, and a beautiful example of Byzantine!



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