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Delapré Abbey, Northampton

Over 900 years ago a community of nuns from the French Cluniac order created their nunnery, the Abbey of Saint Mary de la Pré, in the meadows outside of the medieval city walls of Northampton.

The Delapre preservation Trust is both a charity and a limited company. It was formed in 2006 to help Northampton Borough Council to formulate a plan for the restoration and re-opening of the Abbey to visitors.

With occupation of the site for nearly 900 years Delapré Abbey has a rich and intersting history. Many of the rooms feature historic Lincrusta and as part of the restoration project much of the damaged Lincrusta was restored.

Our Lincrusta Approved Restorer Mike Wilson led the team that breathed life back into the magnificent historic Dado panel in the Victorian sitting room.



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