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Flight Club Birmingham

Hospitality Interior Designers, Ellis Design Studio won two prestigious design awards at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2020 including the Pub category for this beautiful project Flight Club Birmingham, where the concept was based around the idea of the fairground penchant for a ‘trick of an eye’. The design scheme explores the beginnings of animation and the moving image in the context of the Victorian fairground. The design for the first floor is based around the British love of equestrianism and country pursuits, with classical motifs re-worked to reference inventions originating in Birmingham.

You can see the Passeri RD1971FR, easily identified by its tiny birds, on the walls and also recut to create a gorgeous frieze, perfectly fitting with the country pursuits image. On the ceiling Elizabeth RD1583FR brings depth and nicely matches the fresco. Ellis Design Studio weaves together clear design narratives in their work through an artisanal approach, focused on meticulous detailing and beautiful craftsmanship. The Studio works with a range of experts with experience across a vast array of fields including lighting & furniture designers, fine artists, ceramicists and glassblowers to name a few. Consequently, their work is imbued with a sense of provenance, uniqueness and a carefully crafted element of storytelling. The Lincrusta craftsmen were glad to be part of this project.

Ellis Design Studio

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