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Part of  Loungers PLC, a ‘Lounge’ is a neighbourhood café-bar combining elements of a restaurant, British Pub and coffee shop culture. Characterised by informal, unique interiors with an emphasis on a warm, comfortable atmosphere, the Lounges are often described as a ‘home-from-home.’ This is a consistent theme in the sites across the country but each one is individually named and tailored to the site and local area.

We are delighted that Lincrusta has been selected for many of these sites, each time with a different interpretation.  Here are just a few of our faves!

Gallery Image Captions

Clavio Lounge, Petersfield, Hampshire

Lupo Lounge, Wolverhampton

Piazzo Lounge, Wimbouned Minster, Dorset

Posadero Lounge, Redhill Surrey



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