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Maison Guérard Restaurant

The project consisted in refurbishing this 3* restaurant at the gorgeous Les Prés d’Eugénie Hotel, located  in the south of France. The design of the restaurant of the iconic chef Michel Guérard had to be integrated smoothly into the atmosphere of the rest of the hotel, and Lincrusta was an obvious choice for its beauty, durability and elegant finish.” – Philippe Maidenberg

For information the chef Michel Guérard has received three stars in the Michelin Guide since 1977.  

Philippe Maidenberg , French architect best known for his architecture and interior work with hotels. His creative and eclectic style can be found in all of his projects, including Hotel 34B, Hotel Grand Amour, Hotel Bel Ami, Hotel Le Six, Joke Hotel and Hotel 123 Sebastopol, which was honored with the World Luxury Boutique Award in 2015.

Photo credit: Studio Chevojon



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