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Mistress of Mayfair, London

Derived from late evenings spent in Paris, Mistress of Mayfair is a charming establishment situated on St. James Street in Mayfair. It intertwines the art of exquisite contemporary French cuisine with a refined selection of beverages and a lounge-like atmosphere.

Mistress draws inspiration from the intriguing history of the covert tunnels that lie beneath St. James Street. These tunnels were once employed to discreetly transport courtesans at the request of the male members of White’s private club. Now, the Mistress has a palace of its own!

Nanu Group‘s exquisite and multi-layered design sets the stage for Mistress. Lincrusta’s ‘Rocco’ design and Gothic Dado were chosen to flawlessly complete the aesthetic, with its luxurious and detailed emboss enhancing the opulence and sophistication of this exclusive dining establishment.

Lincrusta offers the flexibility to be painted in any desired finish and color, allowing it to adapt and harmonize with the rich palette of Mistress. Our Gothic dado, painted in a deep red hue, gracefully wraps around the bar area. Lincrusta is a popular choice for the bar section due to its durability and ability to withstand wear and tear. When combined with subtle down lighting, the beautiful embossing of Lincrusta panels is highlighted, providing an alluring and captivating ambiance.



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