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Romazzino, Nantwich

This authentic Sardinian restaurant in Nantwich, Cheshire, features a stunning bar area cloaked in the beautiful Lincrusta ‘Elizabeth’ Design. This timeless design is also used in the sleek bathrooms. Romazzino has been delighting clientele with delicious dishes and fresh local produce since 2007, and when the owners decided to move this restaurant to a more central location, they called on Dawnvale Group for help…

“Our task was to design a modern, cosy space that woud enable staff to deliver an even more enjoyable drinks and dining experience to customers than before.  We crafted the six metre bar from a stainless steel carcass, tailoring the design to Romazzino’s drink offering.  We added a distressed copper top and a Lincrusta frontage with specialist metallic paint.”

Dawnvale Group


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